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Make A Difference Day

Bonnie, Don, and the rest of the volunteer crew installing browse protectors on the newly planted riparian plants. Photo by A.Rosenblum

On Saturday, October 28th, Foster Creek Conservation District hosted a volunteer event as part of the Greater Wenatchee Valley Make A Difference Day. Every fall, volunteers from around the country come together and participate in projects to better the community or the environment. This is the first year that FCCD has hosted a Make A Difference Day event, and our office is proud to have offered one of the dozens of projects available to volunteers in the Greater Wenatchee Valley.


On the big day, eight volunteers showed up on a brisk morning, eager to get their hands dirty. The temperature quickly warmed into a beautiful fall day in North Central Washington. The volunteers planted about 500 native riparian trees and shrubs in upper West Foster Creek, south of Bridgeport. Browse protectors were installed to keep deer from munching the newly planted seedlings. These efforts will help restore the proper riparian function and condition of West Foster Creek while providing valuable habitat for many wildlife species, such as rabbits, hawks, and songbirds.


Overall, the day was a huge success! FCCD is looking forward to hosting another Make A Difference Day event in the future. If you are interested in participating in future restoration volunteer events, please contact Aaron Rosenblum at 509-423-5990 or


Cindy installing browse protectors. Photo by A.Rosenblum
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