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Riparian Enhancement Projects in Douglas County

Spring has finally come to Douglas County, and it is time to plant! As you are reading this, Foster Creek is busy planting native riparian vegetation.


Foster Creek is planting 6,500 riparian plants this spring and another 5,000 in the fall. The planting of woody riparian species will eventually shade the stream corridor to lower temperatures, improve the surrounding habitat by connecting the channel and the floodplain, and decrease the presence of shade-intolerant invasive species. Shading through the planting of riparian woody species will improve dissolved oxygen and pH levels by limiting aquatic plant growth. Aquatic plants can decrease dissolved oxygen when they decompose, and they increase pH through their respiration processes. The establishment of a riparian corridor will also introduce woody debris to the streams naturally, which will improve aeration potential as surface water flows are stirred and mixed.

Installation of an erosion control mat – Spring 2017

There is always more work to do! In the coming year, Foster Creek Conservation District will develop similar restoration projects on East Foster Creek, McCarteney Creek, and Matthiesen Creek. If you are interested in implementing a Riparian Restoration Project on your property, please contact Aaron Rosenblum, Natural Resource Specialist at or (509) 423-5990.

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