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VSP Benchmarks

Photo by O.Schilling

Major strides have been made by the Douglas County Voluntary Stewardship Program (VSP) work group in the past few months. The work group has completed, in draft form, protection benchmarks for the countywide VSP work plan. These protection benchmarks will be used to measure the success of the VSP in the future. They are based on the levels of participation in conservation activities by agricultural operators in the county.  Their completion represents a major step in finishing the work plan as these protection benchmarks are a key aspect.


The end is now in sight for completing the work plan. Only two major topics remain to be discussed: adaptive management and implementation. Everyone is encouraged to attend work group meetings and contribute to the development of the work plan. For more information, please contact Aaron Rosenblum at 509-423-5990 or, or visit the VSP webpage at



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