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Winter Water Quality Tip

Try using alternative de-icers! Rock salt, also known as sodium chloride or just NaCl, is readily available, effective at warmer temperatures and cheap, but when it builds up from repeated or overuse in winter, it can be harmful to metal, concrete, waterways, wildlife, and lead to plant deformation or death. Instead of rock salt to de-ice slippery surfaces, try calcium chloride, magnesium chloride or potassium chloride. Although initially more expensive, these products, used at a lower application rate, will work more effectively at lower temperatures, leveling out the cost difference. Mixing multiple ingredients into liquid form is often most effective. Some of the more creative main ingredients being used as de-icers around the United States are beet juice, organic waste, fracking waste water, cheese brine, pickle brine and potato juice. These are all recycled waste products of one industry or another.

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