Foster Creek Conservation District
Foster Creek Conservation District

Foster Creek Conservation District Staff

Becca Hebron

Natural Resource Technician



- Direct Seed

- Soil Health

- Education & Outreach


Contact Information:

509-699-8344 (c)

509-888-6374 (o)


Becca developed a love for soil during her time in Bozeman, MT. It grew to a passion the more she learned about the soil's connection to food sustainability and the benefits it provides for the family ranch and farm. From Fargo, North Dakota, Becca graduated from North Dakota State University with a BS in Natural Resources Management and Soils. She has 6 years’ experience conducting soil research tracking soil and microbial responses to best management practice implementation, saline soil mitigation with use of cover crops, and many other research projects throughout North Dakota and here in North Central Washington. She leads the Soil Health and Direct Seed Program and is eager to lend her expertise to North Central Washington farmers in helping them adopt sustainable farming practices to enhance the area’s crop production, economy, and surrounding environment. Becca also takes point with NRCS contracts within the district and helps coordinate education and outreach. When she's not looking at the dirt Becca and her family are always out enjoying all things nature whenever they can, she's an avid forager, hiker, fisherman, camper and snowboarder. 

Ryan Lefler

Natural Resource Specialist



- Habitat Restoration

- Noxious Weed Control and Mapping

- Biological Controls 

- Douglas County Cooperative Weed Management Area


Contact Information:

509-423-5990 (c)

509-423-6376 (o)


Ryan was born and raised in Royal City in Grant County, Washington.  After graduating from Western Washington University with a BS in Environmental Science in 2014, he spent 5 years in California working for non-profits, state agencies, and private consulting in habitat restoration, wildlife biology, and large infrastructure construction projects.  Ryan enjoys the pace of life and open space in Douglas County. In his spare time, he enjoys skiing, backpacking, and any other excuse to get outside.

Angela Orpet

Natural Resource Specialist



- Multiple Species General Conservation Plan

- Water Quality Monitoring

- Education & Outreach


Contact Information:

509-449-5021 (c)

509-888-6374 (o)


Angie is from Westminster, Colorado where she earned a BA in Ecology and a BS in Business at the University of Colorado. After graduating, she spent several years working adventurous biological jobs researching ticks, frogs, and small mammals in a variety of settings like alpine Colorado, forests of the eastern U.S., and the marshes in Australia. She earned a master's degree in Watershed Management from the University of Arizona where she focused on improving water capture in desert cities. She continued to work with water, soil, and plants in cities around the U.S. until moving to Washington to join her husband while optimizing tree fruit cropping systems with Washington State University. Angie joined the FCCD team in 2018 and enjoys working for the people in Douglas County to address their resource needs. Outside of work, Angie spends time cooking, walking, urban foraging, and volunteering.

Rebecca Schexnayder

Voluntary Stewardship Program Coordinator



- Voluntary Stewarship Program


Contact Information:

509-670-2825 (c)

509-888-6375 (o)


Rebecca developed a love of the outdoors from a childhood spent exploring outside, under a canopy of old growth Ponderosas, in the Mayacamas Mountains. Her rural Northern California upbringing evolved into homes and jobs all over the Western US and its wide-open spaces, including Nevada, Arizona, and nearly a decade in Southern Oregon. She studied Environmental Science, Restoration Ecology and Rangeland Resource Science at Humboldt State University. With extensive experience volunteering and working for nonprofits as well as local, state, and federal government, she seeks to assist with the navigation of governmental services and the application of scientific research to optimize understanding, access, and support of rural communities while building collaborative partnerships. She enjoys spending time with her family and finds her peace while gardening, hiking, birding, and taking photos. She is excited to serve the Douglas County community! 

Nate Schmidt

Natural Resources Technician



- Restoration and weed management

- Fire recovery and education


Contact Information:

509-630-2369 (c)

509-888-6372 (o)


Nate found his spark for natural resources as a youngster playing in the woods, creeks and shorelines of the Great Lakes. He went to college in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains where he graduated with a B.S. in Environmental Biology. From there he drove west, working a handful of seasonal jobs in several states before landing in Washington, where he's been for 7 years. He's spent his time working for a few non-profit environmental organizations leading diverse crews of professionals and volunteers in conservation best practices, habitat restoration, and trail building. He's excited to get his hands dirty in a new landscape and leverage his learnings from the Master's program he’s currently enrolled in to assist the Foster Creek team.

Amanda Ward

District Manager



- Administration, Finances, District Operations

- District Programs oversight

- Grants


Contact Information:

509-449-2158 (c)

509-888-6373 (o)


Amanda has over 20 years of project management and planning experience. Originally from New Zealand, Amanda has lived and worked in the US for almost 20 years. She has a degree in Environmental Science (Land and Water) from Charles Sturt University and an Advanced Diploma in Land Management from the University of Sydney in Australia.  She has managed or been involved in many restoration projects in both Australia and New Zealand. Prior to moving to Washington in 2015, Amanda worked for six years as an environmental consultant and restoration ecologist for a private company in the Chicago region. A keen photographer, Amanda enjoys exploring the side roads and natural areas of the west coast. 

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