Foster Creek Conservation District
Foster Creek Conservation District

Fall Articles 2018 

Completion of Two Riparian Restoration Projects

The weather is getting cooler and the rains have returned, which means it is the heart of restoration season for Foster Creek Conservation District.

Voluntary Stewardship Program Updates

Coming this winter: the VSP Producer Survey and work group meeting! 

Water Quality Monitoring Season Draws to a Close

We collected over 100,000 points of temperature data this spring, summer and fall measuring water quality in Fiddle, Deep and Foster Creeks as part of our stream restoration and direct seed programs funded by the Department of Ecology.

Direct Seeded Cover Crops and Cows

You might think the life of a direct seeded field ends with the harvest and it’s time for a fallow recharge. You have residues that are holding soils out of the air and streams, stimulating soil organisms to release nutrients, and increasing water absorption and retention. What if you are ready to take the next step? 

Education and Outreach Happenings

Foster Creek was busy these past months teaching kids, teens, and adults about water quality and no-till farming with the support of the Department of Ecology. 

Out of sight for now, but these new weeds will be back! Will you be ready?

Plan your attack on the 6 new weed invaders by learning how to identify and eliminate them through Aaron Rosenblum's series of helpful articles and the new Douglas County Cooperative Weed Management Area.

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