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Completion of Two Riparian Restoration Projects

Washington Conservation Corps. crew plant willows, sedges and rushes along West Foster Creek

The weather is getting cooler and the rains have returned, which means it is the heart of restoration season for Foster Creek Conservation District (FCCD). We will complete two ripari

an restoration projects this fall including planting 5,500 riparian trees and shrubs; installing browse protection and weed control at both sites. We would not be able to accomplish this huge task without the hard work of the Washington State Conservation Corps., AmeriCorps, and Make A Difference Day volunteers.

Volunteers install plants through weed control fabric at the West Foster Creek site

This is the second year hosting a Make A Difference Day event. This year volunteers planted 400 native riparian species including water birch, Nootka rose, Wood’s rose and red-osier dogwood. Their efforts brought the total number of installed plants this fall at West Foster Creek to 5,000. Our staff would like to say thank you to all of the hard working volunteers, as well as to the North Central Washington Community Foundation, whose grant made the day a huge success.  Both of these planting projects are part of FCCD’s Water Quality Improvement Program funded by the Washington Department of Ecology. The goal of the program is to address documented temperature, pH and dissolved oxygen impairments in various drainages throughout northern Douglas County. Looking forward, we completed planning a restoration project in East Foster Creek and are currently working through permitting and consultation requirements. Implementation will begin in the spring of 2019. We welcome any new volunteers that want to get their hands dirty.

Our productive Make A Difference Day volunteers
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