Foster Creek Conservation District
Foster Creek Conservation District

Fall Articles 2019

VSP Producer Spotlight in Beezley Hills

We reached out to Peter Lancaster who is an active landowner in pygmy rabbit preservation to tell us how he participates in voluntary stewardship.

Weeds in the Fall: Off with Their Heads!

Fall is a great time to collect the seed heads of those pesky noxious weeds before they hit the soil. We did just that with some helpful volunteers at the 2019 Make a Difference Day in West Foster Creek.

Up Close and Personal with Pollinators

This past summer Foster Creek CD teamed up with Waterville and Bridgeport libraries and South Douglas CD to reach 80 kids and adults about insect pollinators! 

Meet Our New Staff at Foster Creek CD

This fall we had two new people join the staff who are ready to do great things for Douglas County.

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