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Up Close and Personal with Pollinators

Mike Lesky of South Douglas CD shows his insect collection

This past summer Foster Creek CD teamed up with Waterville and Bridgeport libraries and South Douglas CD to reach 80 kids and adults about insect pollinators! Kids learned how to find and identify different insects, and what they do for us – such as pollinating plants, nutrient cycling, and soil production. Kids viewed preserved bugs and hunted for live species outside in a hands-on approach to learning about pollinators! 

Waterville librarian Amy Larsen helps the kids search for insects

Next, they played a game to learn about migrating pollinators like the painted lady and monarch butterflies. The kids flapped their arms like wings to find flowers, places to rest, and tried to overcome obstacles like highways to reach winter roosts in California. They learned how important it is to provide habitat for these travelers so they can eat, rest, and reproduce. These lessons were supported by the Voluntary Stewardship Program (VSP) that encourages practices like planting field borders, conservation tillage, cover crops, and windbreaks to support our hard-working pollinators by providing habitat. Contact Elizabeth Jackson if you are interested in VSP pollinator practices or visit here.

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