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Spring Articles 2019

VSP and Direct Seed Producer Spotlight

We interviewed Aaron Viebrock a cropland producer from Waterville, about direct seeding as his contribution to voluntary stewardship. This practice protects critical areas by improving soil health, decreasing soil erosion, and providing food and cover for wildlife. 

Springtime Activities with Students

As winter melts and spring blooms, Foster Creek CD gears up our educational outreach events with topics ranging from soil to water health with funding provided by the Washington Department of Ecology.

Voluntary Stewardship Program Updates

Are you interested in joining the work group? Have you considered submitting an anonymous producer survey?  

Cost Benefit Analysis: Direct vs. Conventional Tillage

Foster Creek CD compared the costs of conventional tillage to direct seeding with the help of Kate Painter PhD, an Assistant Professor at the University of Idaho, knowledgeable about farm economics.

Pronghorn Antelope Meeting 

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife invites residents to a meeting June 3 in Mansfield to develop a pronghorn management plan.

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