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Spring Articles 2020

Foster Creek Conservation District is Here for You!

Foster Creek CD staff are still working for you during these challenging times. We continue to support Douglas County producers as we work from home, do field work in isolation, and practice social distancing.

Fighting Aggressive Weeds with Native Plants

As the weather gets warmer, everyone is gearing up to farm and garden. However, we also must prepare to combat the seasonal onslaught of weeds. Besides chemical, mechanical, and biological controls, what other tools can a person use to stop the annual tide of persistent weeds?

Shine a Light on Douglas County Land Stewardship; fill in a VSP Producer Survey

Our collective efforts will demonstrate that Douglas County continues to protect critical areas and wants to keep future regulations out of our agriculture activities. Learn more about how you can help!

Cost & Benefit of Rotations from the Wilke Research Farm

Analyzing the cost and benefits of management practices is a good way of deciding whether changes would make economic sense for your farm. This article summarizes the report, Wilke Research and Extension Farm Operation, Production, and Economic Performance for 2018, the differences between crop rotations on a direct seed farm.

Salmon Fry Swim into Student Homes

Usually this time of year, we have the joy of helping classrooms release the salmon fry they carefully raised. However with students at home, we brought the salmon release and Chelan Hatchery Manager Cory Morrison to them via a video.

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