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Shine a Light on Douglas County Land Stewardship; Fill in a VSP Producer Survey

Throughout the state, Douglas County farms are known for their dedication to land stewardship. Our commercial and recreational agriculturalists are committed to improving water quality in our streams, reducing soil erosion in our croplands, and providing plants to support iconic wildlife populations. Douglas County is using Washington State's Voluntary Stewardship Program, or VSP, to summarize conservation activities at a countywide-level that protect five critical areas. An example is totaling acres in the county that have prescribed grazing, which protects and boosts our fish and wildlife habitat. Douglas County's VSP is helpful to individuals because it removes the difficult permitting processes required by the Growth Management Act and it provides pathways for cost-share funding.  


VSP does not require you to “sign up” for anything, but for VSP to succeed, it requests that you provide some basic information about conservation activities on your operation. The VSP Producer Survey is anonymous, takes only 10-30 minutes to complete, and is the easiest way that you can provide information to benefit your operation and the community. Anyone in agricultural activities like hobby or commercial farms, is encouraged to contribute and take the survey. Personal information that you volunteer will remain protected. Our collective efforts will show that Douglas County continues to protect critical areas and wants to keep future regulations out of our agriculture activities. 

The conservation practice of planting a stream buffer before (left) and after it has grown 2 years (right). New shrubs are growing between pasture and stream to protect the critical area wetlands.

Elizabeth Jackson, Douglas County VSP Coordinator, can provide technical support if you have questions or need help with the VSP Producer Survey.  She can be reached at (509) 630-2369.

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