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Spring Article 2021

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Now that spring has sprung, so have biocontrol bugs!

For many, spring comes with a laundry list of things to do and checking for biocontrol bugs may not be a high priority. However, if you intend to buy bugs or are concerned about invasive weed spread on your land, a quick check could save you time and money. 

What is the Voluntary Stewardship Program?

VSP is a completely voluntary and incentive-based approach to protecting critical areas and ensuring long-term agricultural viability in Douglas County. This program encourages agricultural producers to work together to avoid regulatory enforcement by recognizing and expanding land stewardship practices that increase the health and resiliency of our natural systems. Douglas County VSP offers technical assistance and cost-share projects for interested producers.

Post Fire Assessments helps with future management Decisions

As the landscape greens and new vegetation takes root, now is a good time to look around your property to assess areas that might need some post-fire attention, such as weed control.

Clay's Story

My name is Clay and I am a fine-grained material that made a great journey. I used to live on a plateau near Foster Creek where my job was nutrient exchange and holding water in a field of wheat. One day, a great fire burned across the field and I lost my job. 


Read more about Clay and his journey!

New Video! The Friend or Foe? The Weeds of Douglas County Docu-Series continues this growing season with the release of the Dalmatian Toadflax video. 

New Video! A fun hands on approach to exploring whether streams are healthy, using insects in Spotting Healthy Streams.

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