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What is the Voluntary Stewardship Program?

VSP is a completely voluntary and incentive-based approach to protecting critical areas and ensuring long-term agricultural viability in Douglas County. This program encourages agricultural producers to work together to avoid regulatory enforcement by recognizing and expanding land stewardship practices that increase the health and resiliency of our natural systems. Douglas County VSP offers technical assistance and cost-share projects for interested producers.


What is new?

    Douglas County VSP just turned in the first five-year report that is currently being reviewed by a Technical Panel, who will provide their comments on July 8th. In the last 5 years, Douglas county producers met the majority of the benchmarks set in the VSP Work Plan, but adaptive management is needed in a few areas moving forward. Additionally, Douglas County VSP has an updated and user-friendly producer checklist!


How can you get involved?

    The first step is to fill out the newly updated Producer Self-Assessment Checklist. This checklist is a way to account for all the good work you are already doing and to identify additional ways that VSP Technical Service Providers can support these efforts. This checklist is designed to be anonymous so that the sections relevant to your production are all you need to fill out. Entering this next five-year cycle of VSP, it is highly encouraged and appreciated for every producer in Douglas County to do a self-assessment. If you want to be directly involved with VSP, a great way is by becoming a member of the Douglas County VSP Work Group, agricultural producers and community members from all backgrounds are welcome. For more information, check out the VSP tab on

Voluntary Stewardship is applicable across several different landscapes and production types. Rangeland planting for wildlife, pest control for orchards, border plantings along croplands, and more are all part of the Voluntary Stewardship Program.

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