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New Homes for Douglas County Kestrels 

Written by Nate Schmidt

Installation of a kestrel box in Douglas County this spring.

NCW Audubon continues to work on a long-term project to place and monitor American Kestrel boxes on the Waterville Plateau. These small, common, beneficial birds of prey help control mice, grasshoppers, and other agricultural pests. Unfortunately, kestrels are expericing a decrease in population throughout North America. Hopefully providing nest boxes will help these small falcons stabilize their population over time.


Audubon volunteers are replacing nest boxes throughout Douglas County that were lost in the 2020 fires. They need help from private landowners willing to allow a box (or boxes) on their property. With no cost to the private owner, volunteers would seek landowner input on a good spot to place and monitor a box over the following years.   

In addition to placing nest boxes, Audubon is recruiting citizen volunteers to keep tabs on these birds when they use the boxes. Volunteers will monitor kestrel populations and be part of an important community science project to help these animals thrive on the plateau.


If interested in participating please contact Audubon board member Richard Scranton at 

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