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Summer Articles 2019

VSP Producer Spotlight in Orondo

April Clayton of Red Apple Orchards gave me a tour at her farm to show how they participate in voluntary stewardship.

Take a Stay-cation at Douglas County Streams

Summer is the time for crops to grow, cows to put on some weight, and for everyone to visit new and exciting places. You might take a road trip to Mount Rushmore, or camp by the beach, but Foster Creek Conservation District is taking a vacation right here in Douglas County by exploring the streams. 

What do VSP and Orca whales have in common?

Learn about Voluntary Stewardship conservation practices that may help your operation to alleviate run-off while helping orcas and the fish they eat.

A Tale of Two Tillages

There are many conservation practices related to tillage that hold soil and water in crop fields. These include reduced tillage, mulch tillage, and direct seed. Each varies in how they reduce soil disturbances or leave crop residue. However, what are the effects on soil loss of adding such a practice to your field when compared with conventional tillage? 

Weeds to Watch: Hoary Alyssum

Hoary alyssum is in the CWMA’s highest priority group of species because it is not yet present in Douglas County, but is expected to be in the near future.  Early detection and rapid treatment of any new small populations is essential, as hoary alyssum has the potential to become a major issue throughout the county.

Big Bend Habitat Restoration Training A Success

Working in partnership with Conservation Northwest, WDFW, and Pheasants Forever Inc., NRCS hosted a Mesic and Riparian Habitat Restoration training utilizing on the Big Bend Wildlife Area this July. 

Sign Up: Aid for Loss Caused by Trade Disruptions

The USDA has announced details on the 2019 Market Facilitation Program (MFP). MFP was created as one of three programs within a trade mitigation package aimed at assisting farmers suffering from financial damage caused by trade disruptions. 

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