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Take a Stay-cation at Douglas County Streams

Summer is the time for crops to grow, cows to put on some weight, and for everyone to visit new and exciting places. You might take a road trip to Mount Rushmore, or camp by the beach, but Foster Creek Conservation District is taking a vacation right here in Douglas County by exploring the streams. 

River dwellers seen during your vacation, not in Foster Creek.

On your vacation you might snap pictures of wildlife; we too see strange creatures, but in the water like dragonfly nymphs and stretchy leeches. Depending on who we see, we learn about water quality and if the streams can support diverse life.


On your vacation you might wear a GoPro camera to prove a bear chased you while hiking; we too use equipment to document our underwater exploration and to tell us about water pH, temperature, and cloudiness. 

Trees and bushes planted next to Fiddle Creek protected by mesh.

After your trip, you share with your family and friends all the fun you had and make plans for next summer. After we finish our yearly underwater exploration, we use the information gathered to understand stream conditions, and how to make the water better for us and wildlife by keeping it cool and clear. In the past, with funding provided by the Washington Department of Ecology, we have planted trees and bushes next to the water to provide shade and keep soils from washing into the creek. Other options include plantings around fields or fencing between livestock and the stream.


If you have already taken your summer vacation and cannot visit Douglas County streams this year, find our exploration results from last year here

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