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Summer Articles 2020

Running the Numbers for Direct Seed Production

Continuing our Direct Seed Cost Benefit analyses with our second WA Department of Ecology grant, Kate Painter PhD, Agricultural Economist at the University of Idaho, interviewed a further eight program participants about their direct seed (DS) and conventional tillage (CT) costs over the past two years. 

Prairie Grouse Update for Douglas County, WA

By Michael A. Schroeder WDFW

Greater sage-grouse and sharp-tailed grouse (collectively known as prairie grouse) continue to be priority species in the state of Washington. The greater sage-grouse is currently listed as threatened and the sharp-tailed grouse as endangered in the state. The following provides an update for the two species in the state and county. 

Upcoming Video Series: Is This Plant a Friend or Foe?

Do you walk around your property and think, is that a weed? Worry no more as a new series of weed identification videos is being created for the Douglas County Cooperative Weed Management Area. 

VSP Producer Spotlight in Northern Douglas

Ryan Lefler interviewed Northern Douglas producer Norman Tupling, a Voluntary Stewardship Program work group member, who told us how his farm uses reduced tillage as a conservation practice, a method of voluntary stewardship.  A couple of years ago, Norman started no-tilling and is now switching the majority of his operation over and incorporating new twists to reduce his chemical use.

Have You Been Impacted by the Road 11 Fire?

Funding might be available for post-fire assistance. To find out more, or to discuss your needs, contact your local conservation district:


FCCD - Amanda Ward : 509-449-2158                                                                

SDCD - Carol Cowling : 509-745-9160

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