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Don’t Miss Out on a Chance to Benefit Your Land!

As we saw with the 2018 Grass Valley Fire, the immediate impacts of wildfire can be devastating for both humans and nature. The fire scorched roughly 75,000 acres of valuable rangeland and large swaths of wildlife habitat. Fire is a naturally occurring process that has regenerated the land for millennia, however, more recently has it become an increasing problem with the spread of invasive weeds, historical fire suppression, and change in weather patterns.


Through funding provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the WA Conservation Commission, Foster Creek Conservation District (FCCD) is ready to help you with improvements to your land post-burn, including weed control, native plant re-seeding, and more. These actions can boost the resilience of your property to future fires as native plants are less flammable than the invasives. Also, native grasses are better food for livestock and wildlife. We can all agree that trying to enhance the value of your land is never a bad thing.


If you live in the Grass Valley Fire area, contact FCCD today by emailing or calling (509) 888-6372 to learn more about this opportunity. Foster Creek staff would love to collaborate and help folks out!

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