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Voluntary Stewardship Program Update

The Douglas County Voluntary Stewardship Program (VSP) work group has been working hard over the past few months. The work group has completed a draft of the county-wide VSP work plan. In January, Aaron Rosenblum, Douglas County VSP coordinator, went to Olympia to present the draft of the work plan to the state technical panel during an informal review. The technical panel has provided feedback to the work group which is now being incorporated into the work plan.


The end is now in sight for completing the work plan. Once final feedback and comments are incorporated into the work plan, and the work group all agrees, the plan will be submitted to the state technical panel for its formal review. The review process typically takes 2-3 months. Once the work plan is approved by the technical panel, VSP will move into the implementation phase. More information and details about VSP implementation will be coming soon! For more information and to see a work group meeting schedule, please contact Aaron Rosenblum or visit the Douglas County VSP webpage at  


Aaron Rosenblum

Voluntary Stewardship Program Coordinator

Foster Creek Conservation District

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