Foster Creek Conservation District
Foster Creek Conservation District

Winter Articles 2019

VSP Survey Meetings

Take an anonymous producer survey to help us learn about your conservation activities. Your responses will show that Douglas County agriculture protects critical areas through voluntary conservation, preventing the need for future regulations.

Direct Seed Producer Spotlight

We interviewed Ed Townsend of T3 Ranch, a multi-generational and family run operation located on the Colville Reservation, about their experience with direct seeding over many years. 

What's in your well?

Well water is important because there are few, year-round surface water sources for drinking and irrigation in Douglas County. However, these wells are at risk for contamination by nitrate that can soak deep into the ground to the aquifers. Contaminants come from crop fertilizers, yard care, and animal or human waste. 

VSP Producer Spotlight

Welcome to the first VSP producer spotlight. We interviewed a local operator about the ways they protect critical areas on the land. To start out this series we talked with Tim Behne, a retired cropland and rangeland producer south of Mansfield. 

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