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Columbia Basin pygmy rabbit

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The Food Web in Sagebrush Ecosystems

Download a free copy of a youth activity book

This activity book is an interactive lesson plan for students and teachers wishing to learn more about the endangered pygmy rabbit in Washington State.  Our staff is available to provide either an in-class or informal presentation guided by the activity book.  In-person lessons can be expanded to include specific topics of interest to help fit your curriculum!

This activity book is designed for a 8.5" x 14" layout. 

Please contact Elizabeth,, if you need a 8.5" x 11" layout.  Foster Creek CD can provide your students with black and white copies of this activity book if you scheduled an in-person presentation with us.

Pygmy Rabbit Activity Book, grades K-8
Students can learn and retain important facts about Washington's pygmy rabbit as they read through this new activity book. The pictures and puzzles make it a fun, interactive event for all ages.
ACTIVITY BOOK_K-8_Pygmy rabbits in Washi[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [4.5 MB]
Pygmy Rabbit Activity Book, grades 9-12
This activity book features more advanced vocabulary for high school students and more difficult puzzles to reinforce the lessons.
ACTIVITY BOOK_9-12_Pygmy rabbits in Wash[...]
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Games and Puzzles

Sagebrush Steppe Food Web Game
Adobe Acrobat document [2.7 MB]

This food web game designed by the Bureau of Land Management is an easy, fun, and interactive way to have students learn and retain information about the various components of a food web in the sagebrush ecosystem.  Pygmy rabbits can be highlighted while playing the game.  Teachers can challenge student's critical thinking skills by removing or adding a specific plant or wildlife.  Teachers can have the students role play the components of the food web by purchasing costumes, such as a feather boa for an eagle, an owl mask for the owl, or a green scarf for the sagebrush.  Foster Creek CD already provides these materials when we give a presentation to students.  
This game is recommended for ages 6 and older in a classroom of 8 - 25 students.


Example Questions: 
What happens if the rabbits are no longer present in the ecosystem?   
What if 'cheatgrass' was the only available food source?
What role do 'primary producers' play?
What role do 'primary consumers' play?
Which wildlife species are the top consumers?  How do you know?

IMAGE ABOVE: Example of four wildlife cards found in the sagebrush food web game.

The games and puzzles below are included the youth activity book, which is free to download.  


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