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Douglas County's Key Conservation Activities

Protecting and enhancing critical areas of Douglas County are done through several different conservation activities and these help count towards VSP goals and benchmarks. These conservation activities also enhance and protect agricultural lands advancing the VSP goal of protecting long-term agricultural viability. 


There are 22 key conservation activities to help Douglas County work group members track progress towards goals and benchmarks, a few of them are listed as examples below. Click the linked PDF guide for a more detailed list of conservation activities in Douglas County.

Guide to Douglas County Conservation Activities
VSP Conservation Activities Guide.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [953.2 KB]

Conservation Crop Rotation

A planned sequence of at least two different crops grown on the same ground over a period of time.

Cover Crop

Grasses, legumes, and forbs are planted for seasonal vegetative cover.



A constructed barrier to animals or people to facilitate the accomplishment of conservation objectives.



Prescribed Grazing

Managing the harvest of vegetation with grazing and/or browsing animals to improve or maintain desired species composition and vigor of plant communities.



Range Planting

The establishment of adapted perennial or self-sustaining vegetation such as grasses, forbs, legumes, shrubs, and trees.



Sprinkler System

A distribution system that applies water by means of nozzles operated under pressure.



Watering Facility

Means of providing drinking water to livestock or wildlife.


Global G.A.P

Fruit and vegetable standard certificate assures that the commodity was grown using environmental management practices that meet the standard for sustainable agriculture.



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