Foster Creek Conservation District
Foster Creek Conservation District


Voluntary Stewardship Program

The Voluntary Stewardship Program aims to protect critical areas where they intersect with agricultural activities, through voluntary, incentive-based measures, while at the same time improving the long term viability of agriculture.

General Conservation Plan

Douglas County is blessed with an abundance of natural resources and with people who appreciate those resources and who work diligently to protect them.

Direct Seed

Direct seeding refers to farming systems that fertilize and plant directly into undisturbed soil in one field operation, or two separate operations of fertilizing and planting.

Cooperative Weed Management Area

A non-regulatory, collaborative approach to integrated weed management in Douglas County.

Water Quality

FCCD has developed a watershed scale riparian restoration strategy for WRIAs 44 and 50 based on the Douglas County Watershed Plan.


Invasive weed species in Douglas County can cause loss of wildlife habitat, biodiversity, and increased costs to the agricultural community...

Education and Outreach

Check out all of the things we're doing for education and outreach in the area! 

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