Foster Creek Conservation District
Foster Creek Conservation District

Pilot Study to Determine Best Restoration Prescriptions for Converting Wheat Fields to Shrub-Steppe Habitat in Douglas County, WA

The purpose of this project is to test five restoration prescriptions, which are designed to convert wheat fields to shrub-steppe habitat in Douglas County, Washington. While extensive information exists on the restoration of shrub-steppe habitat, there is no “right answer” to the exact restoration prescription that works best. The lessons learned and knowledge gained from this project will be applied to the larger scale shrub-steppe restoration activities that will be undertaken by FCCD in the future.  


Restoration will occur at two sites in the fall of 2018. These two sites will then be monitored in the sping and fall of 2019 to measure desired and non-native species density and cover. Results and conclusions will be available in December of 2019.

This project made possible through funding and partnership with the Washington Native Plant Society
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