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FCCD is in the process of creating an updated Watershed Plan for Water Resource Inventory Area (WRIA) 50 which encompasses approximately 578,182 acres across Douglas and Okanogan counties. Primary land use within WRIA 50 includes range (64%) and agriculture (24%). The Watershed Plan is advisory (non-regulatory) and will identify areas of concern, priority areas for conservation, and ways to monitor water quantity and quality. 


If you would like to join our Watershed Planning Committee, please email us at


Water Quality Monitoring

Foster Creek currently holds multiple 303(d) listings which include temperature, pH, and dissolved oxygen. These Category 5 listings by the EPA have motivated monitoring and restoration within the watershed. FCCD conducts multiple parameter monitoring throughout the creek, specifically in areas of importance (restoration sites, anadromous zones, etc.). 

To explore the current status of Foster Creek, view our Water Quality Program monitoring data.

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