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Camp Sagebrush 2023

Registration is CLOSED for this year's overnight camp! Click HERE to read more.

Salmon in the Classroom

Salmon in the classroom is part of our outreach curriculum here at Foster Creek CD. This year we have two salmon tanks in two different schools, Mansfield and Lake Roosevelt Jr./Sr. School! 




Foster Creek has worked hard on building outreach materials to help your team prepare for the Envirothon Competition, or for classes to use to learn how to use and interpret enviromental tools and data! Envirothon Boxes are available to rent for Forestry, Water Quality, and Soil educational experiences. Through Washington's Orca Grant these boxes are compiled with tools and supporting materials to help students get a hands on learning experience to better understand their environment and the many components of it. Contact Angie if you're interested in renting one of these boxes from Foster Creek!

The Water Quality Lending Bin is filled with many hands on tools to learn to manage aquatic environments and assess the general water quality. Explore the different biota found in our local waterways and what their presence means for that stream's health. 

The Soil & Land Use Lending Bin provides several different tools to explore the components of soil, how to determine its basic properties, and how soil is used to understand and properly plan land use.

The Forestry Lending Bin is equiped with tools to help asses forest ecosystems along with literature and supplemental materials that explore forest ecosystems and all that are involved within. 

Newsletter and Social Media:

Education and Outreach Events and Programs:

  • Sharp-tailed Grouse Days (April 19th-21st)
  • Earth Day at Pybus (April)
  • Camp Sagebrush (July 11-13th)
  • IRIS - Initiative for Rural Innovation and Stewardship (fall summit)
  • Kids in the Creek (fall)
  • Library programs for adults & students (all year)
  • Make A Difference Day (October 28th)
  • NCW Fair educational booth (August 24-27th)
  • North Central WA Regional Envirothon (April 27)
  • PUD Hydropower STEM Academy
  • Riparian Restoration Volunteer Days (spring, fall)
  • River of Power, Chelan PUD, Rocky Reach Dam (May)
  • Salmon in the Classroom (January - April)
  • Soil health and water quality tours for adults & students (all year)
  • Wenatchee River Salmon Festival (September)
  • Wildlife in the shrub-steppe talks with a focus on four key wildlife species: Columbia Basin pygmy rabbit, Greater sage-grouse, Sharp-tailed grouse, and the Washington ground squirrel (all year, as requested)
  • Guest appearances at other various events!
Douglas County I Spy Game
Can you spy these different plants and insects in Douglas County?
Douglas Co I Spy.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [550.8 KB]

Teaching Tools:

  • Aquatic invertebrate collection
    • A transportable collection of mayfly, caddisfly, dragonfly, stonefly, damselfly, diving beetle, whirligig, water strider, snail, leech, & amphipod (scud)
  • Douglas County Watershed Model  
    • Engages the audience through hands-on learning 
    • Demonstrates point & non-point source pollution
    • Sparks a conversation about the various conservation practices that can be installed to reduce the impacts of pollution, enhance water quality & quantity, and increase soil health to benefit humans, fish, and wildlife
  • The Incredible Journey - a water cycle game
  • Pass the Jug 
    • Teaches students about water rights and how pollution is fluid throughout connecting watershed systems
  • Salmon Survival Game
    • An active game where students take a journey through the the salmon life cycle and learn about the frequent struggles that salmon face
    • Recommended for larger groups (15+ students) where students play the role of either (1) a salmon, (2) a fisherman, or (3) a salmon predator (bear, osprey)
    • Played at River of Power - a week dedicated to 4th graders in the Wenatchee Valley to learn about salmon, Columbia River dams, and electricity
  • Soil sampling equipment 
    • Hands-on experience that demonstrates how to operate high precision measuring equipment to gauge soil health (pH, moisture content, and compaction)
  • Water quality sampling equipment & test results


2018 Education and Outreach Plan - Water Quality
Adobe Acrobat document [817.9 KB]

Part of our mission is to serve our community as best as we can, which means listening to your questions and concerns to develop educational materials and opportunities that you would like to see available.


If you have input or would like more information, please contact our office at 509-888-6372.

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