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Join us at Camp Sagebrush!

Campers will embark on a fun learning adventure exploring our unique shrub steppe! This exciting outdoor camp gives middle schoolers (5th-7th grades) a more in depth look at this unique ecosystem while also building friendships and memories amongst the sagebrush.

Guided by experts in the shrub steppe, camp goers will embark on exciting nature hikes, train with wildland firefighters, learn about how to identify and build a fire adapted community, and so much more!


When: July 11-13, 2023

Camp Details

Day 1

Shrub Steppe Ecology

Exploring for wildlife


Ecological Surveys


Macroinvertebrate investigations


Water sampling




Movie Night

Day 2

Shrub Steppe History

Lake Lenore Caves Hike


Cultural History


Geology lesson


Mapping and Monitoriing wildlife




Movie Night

Day 3

Fire Adapted Communities

Wildland Fire Training


Noxious Weeds survey


Fun and Games

Where: Sun Lakes-Dry Falls State Park at Camp Delany

Near a pristine chain of lakes, freshwater marshes, sagebrush habitat, and magnificent basalt rock formations, Camp Delany at Sun Lakes- Dry Falls is an ideal location to learn about this beautiful ecosystem. This desert oasis is located in the Grand Coulee area of the Columbia Basin, 7 miles southwest of Coulee City and the Grand Coulee Dam.

Who: Kids going into 5th-7th grade 

Following STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathmatics) campers will learn to utilize several different tools and techniques that are commonly used by professionals that work within the ecosystem. They will also create art projects that help build an understanding of the unique beauty that is the shrub steppe. Act fast, this camp only has 40 spaces available!


This camp is free! 

With funding provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, this camp is completely free to those who want to attend.

THIS CAMP IS OVERNIGHT with bunkhouse accomodations!

There are 8 bunkhouses on the Camp Delany grounds. A few of them are pictured to the left. Each bunkhouse is equipped with beds and air conditioning units. 


There is a seperate bathroom facility within a short walk from the bunkhouses.




Feel free to reach out if you have any questions prior to registering your camper! Our staff will be able to help in any way we can.

Nate Schmidt

Natural Resources Specialist



Maggie McGillivray

Natural Resources Technician


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