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Douglas County's Progress Towards the Work Plan's Goals and Benchmarks

The sucess of VSP is measured by our progress towards attaining the goals and benchmarks specified in the Douglas County VSP Work Plan. On this page you can track our progress as the program is implemented over time. 


2 year Biennial Report FY17-19
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Each written biennial report must provide the status of plans and accomplishments of the work plan to the county and Commission. More details and a complete schedule for submittal of the two-year report is in Policy Advisory #05-18


The VSP statute sets two main reporting requirements during the implementation of an approved VSP work plan: one report at the end of each biennia, and a five year status report. The Conservation Commission, Technical Panel, and Statewide Advisory Committee reviews, evaluates, and consults on the reports. 


Within sixty days after the end of the state of Washington’s biennium, each county work group must “conduct periodic evaluations, institute adaptive management, and provide a written report of the status of plans and accomplishments to the county and to the Commission RCW 36.70A.720(1)(j).”


In Washington, our biennium is the timeframe from July 1 through June 30 two years later. A state fiscal year is July 1 to June 30 the following year.


A copy of this report can be found in the Washington State Conservation Commission's VSP website.

Updated 1/1/2019

Note: State law requires the protection of critical areas as measured by the protection benchmarks. This means "preventing the degradation of functions and values existing as of July 22, 2011." Achieving enhancement benchmarks is not required in VSP. Rather, enhancment indicates "improvement to the processes, structure, and functions existing as of July 22, 2011, of ecosystems and habitats associated with critical areas."

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